"Dana has the perspective, intelligence, and boldness to be a real game changer. She can help empower you to change your game—the way you sing and plan your own path—but she can also empower the entire singing community to view the art and business of singing in a positive, productive way moving forward.

"…She could change the entire system."

W. Stephen Smith

Author, The Naked Voice; Voice Faculty, Northwestern University

"Multiple students approached me to express that Dana’s lecture imparted some of the most valuable information they have received during their time at NEC. Perhaps most impressive was the quantity and clarity of information that Dana managed to impart in just an hour… Students left the lecture feeling enlightened and empowered by the clear steps they could take to build their careers."

Emily Siar

DMA student and organizer of the Vocal Pedagogy Guest Speaker Series, New England Conservatory

"Dana…offered a wealth of practical advice for singers, other musicians, and students of theater and fine arts, encouraging them to create their own opportunities and discover unique personal ways to pursue a fulfilling and financially viable career in the arts. [Her presentation] was both pragmatic and motivational for students grappling with the practicalities of life beyond college."

Valerie MacPhail

Assistant Director of the PSOM, Associate Professor of Voice, Converse College

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