Studio Faculty

We are your biggest fans.

Each faculty member at the Empowered Musician holds a teaching philosophy that aligns with our values. In short, when you study with a T.E.M. teacher, you can be sure that they won't hold you to an unrealistic standard, or insist you pursue an outdated or unsustainable career path.

Handpicked by Dana Varga, founder of The Empowered Musician and a leading changemaker in the classical music industry, these teachers share similar methodology with, or have been trained by, Dana herself. All teachers are open to collaborative teaching and mixed packages, allowing students to study more than one genre if desired.

In addition to voice and piano instruction, we offer musicianship training, dramatic coaching, and repertoire coaching to fill those skill gaps that can get in the way of your success.

Staff Listing

Cordelia Anderson | Voice

Chelsea Basler | Dramatic Coach

Sarah Bowe | Musicianship

Anna Carr | Piano

Wee Kiat Chia | Voice

Rae-Myra Hilliard | Voice

Katie Jillson | Voice and Piano

Abigail Riccards | Jazz Voice

Brendon Shapiro | Musical Coach for Singers

Jessica Trainor Tasucu | Voice

Dana Lynne Varga | Master Teacher for emerging/seasoned professionals

(Note: Dana's teaching roster is currently fully booked except for drop-ins. To request a drop-in lesson or join Dana's waiting list, email Dana here.)

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