Voice Lessons

In addition to career guidance, Dana offers voice lessons for advanced singers. To receive detailed pricing information, please fill out our prospective student form below.


  • Students should bring a love of music, an open mind and a willingness to learn to their lessons.
  • Students are expected to practice a minimum of twice per week and have repertoire prepared for each lesson.
  • 24 hours' notice is required in order to cancel a lesson M-F, and 48 hours notice is required to cancel a weekend lesson. Students get one “emergency pass” exception.
  • All lessons in a package must be used within the allotted time frame for that package.
  • All lessons should be recorded and revisited by the student.
  • Online lessons require reliable internet and good sound on the device.
  • All lessons are online during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • In-person lessons (when it is safe to resume them) take place in the Boston area only.

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