Our Mission

We help musicians find their place in the music industry by guiding them toward their own unique definition of success.

You'll find no starving artists here. What you will find is a path to personal and artistic fulfillment on your own terms.


Our Vision

We are passionate about setting new standards for the classical music industry. We envision a future where every musician is empowered to create their own unique career path—where work-life balance is real, and artistic fulfillment and financial wellbeing are not mutually exclusive.

Our Values

The Empowered Musician stands for LGBTQIA+ folx, BIPOC and Black Lives Matter, anti-racism work and radical self-love. All are welcome here.

We believe everyone is worthy.

We don’t believe in shoulds.

We expose difficult truths and figure out what to do about them.

We challenge others to imagine a different future for the industry.

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