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Private Lessons

Coachings & Lessons with our new EM Faculty!

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Offered in 30, 45, or 60 minute sessions!

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Private Lessons

“The only reason for mastering technique is so that the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself”

-La Meri

We will always offer online lessons in addition to in-person lessons so that our amazing teachers are accessible to people from anywhere in the world.
We use cutting edge low-to-no-latency technology, so the student and teacher can play and sing together in real time!
We meet each student where they are and work with them to take their singing or playing to the next level. We work will all skill levels and offer lessons to ages 8 and up.
Our voice instructors are not only accomplished teachers; they are seasoned performers. Students considering careers in music will get plenty of guidance and a clear sense of industry realities.
We build healthy, sustainable technique and work to diagnose and eliminate pre-existing technical issues and tensions. This allows students to express themselves in the most authentic and free way possible in their repertoire.
We teach each student how to self-correct and practice efficiently for the best results outside the lesson.
We offer voice lessons in a variety of genres and styles including classical, musical theatre, jazz, and pop. 
We offer the flexibility to study with more than one EM teacher within lesson packages! We believe collaborative teaching can be extremely effective for certain students.
We want you to have fun!

*note: in-person lessons are Boston-area only, and suspended during the Covid-19 crisis.

Our Teachers

Jessica Trainor Tasucu, Voice

Specialties: Classical Voice, Musical Theater

Katie Jillson, Voice and Piano

Specialties: Classical Voice, Musical Theater, other Contemporary Styles

Abigail Riccards, Voice

Specialties: Jazz and Pop

Anna Ward, Voice

Specialties: Classical Voice, Musical Theater

Sarah Bowe, Musicianship Teacher

Specialties: Music Theory, Solfege/Aural Skills, Conducting

Chelsea Basler, Dramatic Coach

Specialties: Character Development, Presentation, Role Preparation

Rae-Myra Hilliard, Voice

Specialties: Classical Voice

Cordelia Anderson, Voice

Specialties: Classical, Musical Theater, R&B, Pop, Gospel

Anna Carr, Piano

Specialties: Piano for all ages and levels

David Small, Master Teacher

Specialties: Classical Voice

Dana Lynne Varga, EM Master Teacher

To put it simply: singing shouldn't feel so hard.

Specialties: Advanced Classical Voice

Teaching Philosophy

The Empowered Musician's approach to teaching is based on freeing the voice using a combination of vocal function exercises, overall technique work and body tension release.

I've been greatly influenced by the works of major pedagogues of the bel canto school, including Garcia, Vaccai and Marchesi. I have studied vocal pedagogy at length and pull both scientific and holistic teaching techniques from my study.

I do not believe that one approach can be applied to all students, and easily tailor my instruction to the individual singer. 

I attended the Naked Voice Pedagogy Institute in 2014 and 2017, where I met my current teacher W. Stephen Smith, author of The Naked Voice. His philosophies have greatly informed my methodology. I also attended the Acoustic Vocal Pedagogy Workshop in 2017 in order to hone my knowledge of voice science.

I have an intense love and passion for teaching voice and encouraging young singers, and believe that together we can find a freer way of singing and a more beautiful, resonant sound.

Are you the right fit for Dana?

Dana works with experienced classical singers, typically emerging professionals or seasoned professionals. She requires a high level of commitment from students and expects them to arrive prepared and stay on top of their practice schedule. 

She reserves two slots for serious high school students. Dana offers bi-monthly, once-monthly, and occasional drop-in lessons. Dana’s voice studio is currently full except for drop-ins. If you think you would be a good fit, click below to get on the waiting list!

Dana with her own teacher, W. Stephen Smith

The Empowered Musician Studio offers 45-minute and 60-minute lessons.

We offer multiple package options for our students.

Overview of Empowered Lesson Policies

Empowered Musician students should bring a love of music, an open mind and a willingness to learn to their lessons.
Students are expected to practice a minimum of twice per week and have repertoire prepared for each lesson.
24 hours notice is required in order to cancel a lesson M-F, and 48 hours notice is required for Sat-Sun. Students get one “emergency pass” exception.
All lessons in a package must be used within the allotted time frame for that package.
All lessons should be recorded and revisited by the student. Online lessons require reliable internet and good sound on the device. 

Fill out the form and we will contact you to schedule an initial fit lesson!

What Clients Have to Say

"My voice lessons are about me and I never feel nervous, judged, dismissed, used…. no drama. I know that Dana is invested in me as a singer and a person, and that she wants me to succeed for my own sake. Studying with Dana has been and continues to be transformative."

Tamara Ryan

Pro soprano

What Clients Have to Say

"Since beginning my studies with Dana in 2013, my singing is more consistent, easeful, and beautiful. Her mastery of vocal technique—rooted in both traditional treatises alongside the latest science—and her ability to explain technique in a no-nonsense, creative way has empowered me with the tools to develop my instrument."

Lindsay Pope

Choral conductor and pro mezzo-soprano

What Clients Have to Say

"Dana always gives it to you straight, with every intention of helping you succeed in whatever path you choose. She is always listening. She meets you where you are. Dana will kick your butt in a lesson, and she will stand by your side when you come to her for help."

Katie Beckvold

Pro Soprano

What Clients Have to Say

"Having Dana as my mentor and teacher for the past ten years has been the most beneficial experience of my life and career. I always look up to Dana as a role model and respected, high-achieving professional with an absolutely unparalleled gift for excellence in vocal instruction."

Theodora Nestorova

Vocal pedagogue and soprano

What Clients Have to Say

"I had the pleasure of studying with Dana for six weeks at the BU Tanglewood Institute, and I learned more than I ever thought was possible in such a short period. She was pivotal in my development as a singer and truly helped me to be more than prepared for voice study at the college level."

Emily D’Angelo

Mezzo-soprano and winner of the Metropolitan Opera and Operalia competitions

What Clients Have to Say

"I have been a professional singer for 40 years, living in both Europe and the US. Each of my teachers has taught me something, some more than others. Dana Varga is the best teacher of them all. She is not only a superb singer herself but she is fascinated by vocal technique and has made a comprehensive study of it her life’s work."

Peter Halpern


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