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Dana Lynne Varga brings many years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, artistic director, performer, voice teacher, lecturer and writer.

Realizing that musicians actively look for quality career advice, Dana uses her experience and knowledge to help musicians find and embrace their authentic career path.

Together we will create realistic and achievable goals and action items.

Dana has completed two coaching training courses through Graydin Coaching (The Anatomy Course and The Journey: Advanced Coaching Course).

She founded and maintains the following businesses and organizations: The Empowered Musician LLC, MassOpera, Varga Voice Studio, Dana Lynne Varga, Soprano and the Empowered Singers Facebook group.

One-on-One Career Coachings

Determine all viable career path options and hone in on the best options

Create a clear, concise list of short and long term action items and goals for these paths

Determine potential roadblocks and their solutions

Brainstorm out of the box solutions, avoiding "what everyone else is doing" and “shoulds”

What is a career coaching, anyway?!

Career coachings with Dana can cover a vast array of topics depending on the client's needs and concerns.

With your values at the core of the work, short and long-term goals and action items will be identified to get you on the path to a more fulfilling career in music.

Dana is clear, directive and well known for her no-nonsense approach.

Examples of common topics covered

in career coachings: 

Self-management, marketing, materials

Time management, motivation and simple steps to getting organized

Correlating careers, to run alongside and complement your music career while providing additional income streams

What is networking? Best practices for long-lasting professional relationships

The importance of recordings, and detailed guidance on how to make effective ones

Setting up and running a private music studio

Typical Clients Are:

Emerging professional musicians in search of guidance to find their ideal career path

High school musicians and their families determining next steps

Musicians seeking balance between their musical lives and their correlating careers

Founders of music organizations, entrepreneurs working to found new music groups, companies, or organizations

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What Clients Have to Say

"Dana’s commitment to helping other musicians is unmatched. Do not hesitate to contact her if you need any encouragement, guidance or expert advice."

Jessica Zamek

What Clients Have to Say

"I first heard Dana speak in a lecture at the Classical Singer convention. In my career coaching, she had me speak my career dreams into a reality. I have never felt so empowered as an educator or so encouraged as an entrepreneur. In a time of uncertainty, she guided me toward concrete steps and professional advice to better my future. Dana carries the torch for all of us and is truly the exemplary empowered musician. I can’t thank her enough."

Daniela Monzon Villegas

What Clients Have to Say

“The session with Dana was so helpful and uplifting. It made my day! This was the first time in a while that I felt I received solid advice and feedback about my career. In our business, each one of us is unique. Dana has the ability to see what you are capable of and show you the many possibilities to empower yourself."

Sahar Hassan, Pro Mezzo-Soprano

What Clients Have to Say

"I had so many ideas, aspirations, questions and fears about my post grad life, but no a plan. Dana was able to break everything down into organized, systematic, tangible goals. Her advice put my mind at ease and gave me the extra boost of confidence that I needed to move forward in this next phase of life."

Casey Kunmann

What Clients Have to Say

"As a young singer just getting my feet wet, I found Dana’s advice and input invaluable. She has an impressive amount of knowledge and insight, and is professional and efficient with the hour-long session. Absolutely worth the time and money to coach with Dana!"

Jessica Toupin

What Clients Have to Say

"I have been through two degrees and a good handful of highly regarded young artist programs, and I gained more practical career advice from one session with Dana than I did in any of those programs. It's the stuff they don't teach you in school."

Omar Najmi

What Clients Have to Say

“Like many of us, I have felt adrift and without direction in my career since Covid-19 hit. Dana was able to wonderfully tailor the session to what I was looking for. She took the time to dive into my individual experience and strengths in order to help me plan a path forward. I now feel empowered with new tools and energized to move toward my next steps. I only wish I had reached out to Dana a year ago, two years ago!”

Kathryn Tolley
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